Heurich House- DC’s Historic Beer Castle

Located in the historic Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC, the Heurich House, also known as “The Brewmaster’s Castle,” is a charming, stone-faced, gothic-style, gilded age mansion that now serves as a museum, Biergarten, and public garden.

German immigrant and brewery magnate Christian Heurich had the mansion built after amassing his fortune via the brewery and various real estate holdings. The home’s design and construction matched the Victorian fashions of the time. The castle-esque mansion features stone archways and a tall tower that rises about the rest of the building, with several balconies featuring intricate parapets overlooking the home’s surroundings. The house has a large garden now used as a free public space where denizens of Washington DC can lounge, read, and picnic in a picturesque grassy setting.

In addition to the public garden, the Heurich House is a museum; those who go on a tour are taken through the mansion’s interior as it looked in 1894. 1921, Biergarten is located in the mansion’s garden and carriage house sections. Patrons of 1921 can sip on local DC microbrews or try a historically accurate imitation of the beer- Senate Beer- that made Christan Heurich a rich man and helped him become the second largest employer in Washinton, DC, for a time.


Atlas Obscura article on Heurich House- (https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/the-brewmasters-castle-washington-dc)

Heurich House Musuem Official Site- (https://heurichhouse.org/)

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