Mike’s Place: North Eastern Ohio’s Quirky Kitchen

Located in the North Eastern Ohio suburb of Kent, Mike’s Place is renowned for its idiosyncratic design and decor, which accompany its voluminous menu. The eclectic design begins with a full-size replica of Star Wars X-Wing located next to the restaurant.

Mike’s is an amalgamation of various parts and pieces that form the whole. Several different building types and parts are welded together that make up the interior and seating areas of the restaurant; these include buses, a boat, and a castle, among others.

To guide customers through the overwhelming and maze-like corridors of the restaurant, Mike’s Place includes a bevy of signs directing patrons to the various themed seating areas and bathrooms. The walls are packed full of quirky memorabilia and paraphernalia, including vintage advertising signs, unique lighting fixtures, cardboard cutouts of famous movie characters, beer merchandise, and much more. Though a bit chaotic and kitschy, Mike’s Place is a one-of-a-kind experience that ensures a memorable and fun time for customers.

Address: 1700 S Water St #4447, Kent, OH 44240, United States

Photos by Ken






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